New Requirements for Judgements

The new reporting criteria for the National Credit Reporting Agencies (NCRA) will mean more
due diligence in reviewing loan and credit applications.

    1.  No judgements for Tax Liens will appear on credit reports.
    2.  Only judgements with the debtor's Name, Address, Social Security number
         and Date of Birth will be reported.

I would suggest that when you file a judgement, be sure you or you attorney include the SS# and
DOB with the name and address on the judgement and on the serving documents.

If you do not get the DOB on the application, the full DOB (along with the sex and first and middle initial)
is included in the Illinois Drivers License and on the Illinois state issued ID. 
Several other states also include the DOB in the DL numbers.

If you are using Credit Information Systems ( 888/852-2574) ask them to add
civil judgement searches to your credit reports.  Credit Information Services can
provide this service through either their Sharper Lending or MeridianLink services.

Here are two reports attempting to explain the changes.

CFPB Report

Experian Letter

I will post new information as I receive it.

Updated 4-3-2018