Do you want to freeze your credit file?

I don’t recommend the freezing of credit files, except in extreme cases of I.D. Theft.

The freezing of your files can cost you money.  If your credit card companies can’t pull your file,
the will likely drop you or raise your interest rates.  Most insurance companies
pull your credit report to help determine your premiums.  If they can’t see your report,
they may cancel your or raise your premiums.  

If you are applying for new credit, the lender can’t pull your report, unless you have a PIN number to give to
the creditor(s).  That means you must remember the number for each credit bureau. 
If you don’t have a PIN, then each bureau will charge you $10.00 to unlock your file and then
another $10.00 to re-freeze your file.

Here are some links with information regarding freezing of credit files.

Federal Trade Commission Freeze information (FTC)

Child’s Freeze Information

Experian Child’s Freeze  

TransUnion Child’s Freeze