Central Illinois Credit Seminars

  We will be conducting classes during Money Smart Week, April 21 to April 28, 2018:

Watch this page for the dates of the classes on credit reports, credit scores and I D Theft.

Do you understand your credit report?
Do you understand your credit score?
Did you know there are over 50 types of credit scores from the three national bureaus?

We offer everything from 15 minutes presentations for service clubs to two hour
classes for loan officers.

Whether you are interested in learning the basics of credit reports and credit scores or if you wish a more detailed
description of the various credit score models, we have the programs for you organization.

If you are loan officer or loan processor, have you ever been to a class or seminar taught by a credit bureau, someone from
from Fair Isaacs or someone who is a Certified FICO Pro?  Do you know what the different types of scores mean and how
they are calculated.  Do you know why car dealers you the "Auto Models" instead of FICO V2 or V3?  Do you know how
to explain to your customers what their scores mean and how they can improve them?

All of these are explained in our classes for Loan Officers.

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