Ways to avoid I. D. Theft



I.D. Theft is the fastest growing crime.  If you are a victim, file a police report., notify your creditors
and notify the Credit Bureaus.  You may ask to put a consumer notice at the end of your report, so
creditors accessing your report will be asked to contact you personally before granting credit.

 The credit reporting companies' fraud assistance departments can be contacted at the following
 numbers. A single call to just one of these numbers is all that a victim needs to make:

Equifax................(888) 766-0008 Experian..............(888) 397-3742  TransUnion.........(800) 680-7289

Disputing via the internet:

Equifax -

Disputing is possible by going here to CSC Credit Services Site:

Click on the right where it says Dispute Credit Report... the rest is pretty explanatory just
complete the form and hit submit at the bottom of the screen there.

Might consider printing out the page and keeping that for records.

TransUnion -

Click in the middle of the page where it says dispute now (green button) will open new window with
instructions to follow for submitting dispute.

Experian - Right now you will not be able to dispute with them, until after obtaining copy of credit
report with the necessary file number needed to use this service on line.

If you are a victim of I D theft, here is the affidavit you need to fill out before you contact anyone.

   I D theft Affidavit

Updated:  3-5-19